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Bead and Wire Embellished Chain Statement Necklace Tutorial

You really don't have to be a wire expert to create a spectacular yet unique statement necklace.  This bead and wire embellished chain necklace tutorial is by Rebecca over on My Girlish Whims. She just used a very easy way of wiring beads into the spaces of the large chain.  The rest of the necklace is a matter of patience as you make and add the dangles!

This style of necklace will look great with plain outfits.  Consider a graduated approach too if you can get hold of different sized drop beads.  Have the bigger ones in the front and taper with smaller drop beads going to the back of the necklace.

Easy peasy.  Great for beginners!  Want more ideas?  Check out the links below.

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  1. I think this is a great idea. Fun - easy.

    I could see that you'd have to be careful not to pull the wire too tightly when you are wrapping it around a link. Otherwise you'd risk the chance of breaking it and also of making your chain inflexible. Isn't the whole point of a necklace the flow?
    So with care and plenty of different ideas of colour and size of beads and placement, colour of chains etc., it makes a great way to make up a fast statement piece.
    Love it!

  2. Great and versatile tutorial - especially the part with the smaller beads in the gaps of the large chain links. There are endless possibilities for the dangles, too.


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