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Steampunk Pocket Watch Jewelry by All Natural Arts

Sue Beatrice, a Sea Cliff, New York based designer behind All Natural Arts has been a professional artist for other 30 years.  Her freelance commercial sculpting career has netted her several high profile clients including Disney, Hasbro Toys, Dreamworks, Warner Brothers and Crayola.  But it is her non-commercial work creating steampunk pocket watch jewelry and sculptures which truly captivates.

She said, "All Natural Arts began with sculptures that included natural objects such as insect wings, snake skins, feathers and other delicate items. Since sculptures made from these needed to be protected, I put them inside antique pocket watch cases. Often when I collected the cases I would also receive parts and noticed that they were quite beautiful. I began incorporating them into my work and soon they became the main material in my designs." She uses non-working watches adding that "I never destroy a watch that works."

The pocket watches also work wonderfully as pendants!  All the incredibly detailed original designs shown here are commissioned pieces which will never be repeated. Her portraits are particularly noteworthy.

Freedom Fairy Pocket Watch Sculpture

Edgar Allan Poe Steampunk Pocket Watch Portrait

Shakespeare Steampunk Pocket Watch Portrait

Sue now sells cast (silver or bronze) pendants of a few of her original steampunk designs on her Etsy.  Check out what she is up to on her Facebook.

As you can see, Sue's studio is exactly what you expect a steampunk sculpture artist's studio would look like!

Watch this video for more of Sue's steampunk art jewelry :

Hat tip to Aims for this find.

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  1. Wow!Just incredible work! I love it!

  2. Leave it to you to put the cats first!! I laughed when I saw them!
    Looking at Sue's work almost makes my heart ache. I wish I was as talented as she is. I truly do!! What an incredible artist! I'm delighted for her that her work attracts such recognizable attention. It should!!

    1. Of course! Although I had a hard time picking out my other favorites from Sue's fantastic body of work. She is amazing!

  3. Absolutely unique, I especially like the perspective in the "pictures" - look at this library!


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