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DIY : Simple Bracelet MeasuringTool

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Bracelets are sometimes tricky to measure well - particularly bangles and cuffs which cannot be laid out flat.  This tutorial for a simple bracelet measuring tool by HoneyBeads1 does a quick job of determining the inside circumference. It is best made from a plastic strip which is more durable than paper.  Clear page dividers or page holders are a couple of suggestions.

Marking the start with an arrow is good tip especially if you are using clear plastic.

A cylindrical tool like this is better for wide bracelets than the conical style measuring tools.

If you make this tool about 10 inches or so, it can also be used to determine the size needed to make bangles.  Just roll it up large enough so a hand can go through.

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  1. Great tip! I've always had trouble figuring out how long to make bracelets. I will definitely be making one of these. Thank you so much.

  2. Good morning Pearl! I wanted to share my "great mandrill hunt" with you. I have been looking high and low and I reached the conclusion I could make my own mandrills. I live among the trees here in Oregon, and I realized all the mandrills I could ever want are here in the forest. So, I've been hunting in the forest and I have wonderful wood bracelet mandrills standing in the corner of my living room, I chose to keep my bracelet mandrills about 5 and 6 foot long logs which I sanded, then marked the diameters along the length of the log. Yesterday I hunted ring sized mandrills, and the first one's sizes are 6 to 9 1/2. For the ring mandrill I used my copper pipe cutting tool to help me mark it. I have a ring sizing guide, just paper, but handling it carefully I was able to size the mandrill and using the pipe cutter, I scribed around the branch then I used sharpie markers to mark the sizes. I plan on using my wood burner to permanently mark the sizes. I will be hunting for necklace sized chunks of logs which I will clean and mark. For those though, the logs will be about 2 foot chunks, don't want an actual tree in the house, lol! I can use my metal hammers with them, or my rubber hammers, both work well. I'll send photos soon. I had to shy away from materials that would not stand up to the vigorous hammering I sometimes use. And, I looked on eBay and Amazon at metal working tools, and many of them were wood, that's why and how I started my hunt for my own wood mandrills! So, I hope some folks will start a great mandrill hunt of their own!

    1. I've hunted for mandrels in the hardware stores but never thought of the forest! Brilliant tip. Others need not have their branch mandrels as long as yours though.

  3. Wonderful idea! Especially for those wider bracelets.
    (someone with the sniffles shouldn't make a video with sound...)

  4. This is an excellent tool. I use something like it for my kumihimo students. The problem is that they can't take the bracelet completely off to measure it. They have to slide the strands down so that they have enough of the bracelet hanging frok the disk to measure it. AND most important of all, is that they have to subtract from their wrist measurement a length equal to the clasp or the bracelet will be far too big. There are a lot of lucky friends out there that inherit a beautiful bracelet that is too large for the maker.

    1. Thanks for the mention of the clasp! Subtracting the length of the clasp is so important for sizing.

  5. molto bello grazie per la condivisione lili

  6. Why didn't I think of that. I know I have some laminated card stock somewhere. I will be making a few of these today. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Pearl , you are so talented and I appreciate the giveaway....thank you