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Watchmeflyy,  a young wire weaver on Instructables came up with a statement wire woven necklace design for her younger friend's prom. Her inspiration came from several designs she saw on Pinterest although she admits to just dealing with the wire ends in the most random of manner!

The most difficult part of this design is actually getting the mirror image when working on the other side.  So the best approach I suggest is to draw a plan on paper with which to guide the curving of the wires.

She used 20G and 28G wire. Don't use anything thinner than 20G as the design has to have enough oomph to hold its shape.  I prefer to use 26G wire because the weaving looks a bit more substantial.

The design is also versatile - you could play around with adding another pair of loops to make it a 5 loop design instead of 3.

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  1. Gosh - you just never know what you'll find on Instructables...

    Nice Job! I like how she just wanted to make something for her friend and went out and kabaam! A statement necklace indeed with a very good tutorial to go with it.

  2. Good job with the instructions, I find it difficult to design wire woven patterns and usually make it halfway and start improvising even earlier :) The necklace is so beautiful!


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