The verdict from last week's Kazuri West bead giveaway was unanimous - Kazuri ceramic beads are truly beautiful and they are for a good cause. Cin H said, "I love Kazuri beads. I have been using them for years and I have return customers because they want to support the women of Kenya." Wayne added "Whenever possible,I try to buy from these types of businesses. There is a store in our city that sells nothing but items made by groups like this. Please continue to let people know about them." I will indeed.

I sometimes see on other sites where some individuals ask why not help the unfortunate others at home rather than support a faraway cause?  It's not about making choices. Help those at home and also those who so desperately need aid. We live in a global village so helping those in the poorer parts of the world is not only the right thing to do but benefits all in the long run.

Most of us live in rich nations with many support programs.  But that's not the case in many parts of the world. Uneducated and undervalued women and their children are especially vulnerable to a life of abject poverty and are easy prey to the unscrupulous.  For those fortunate enough to have traveled, the evidence is plain. Amy is one of those. She said, "I traveled to Ethiopia and know first hand the importance of embracing and purchasing locally designed and created artwork."

So who won this fabulous giveaway?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator on to pick the winner.  And she is Vicky Farrell!  Congratulations!  Happy designing and bringing awareness to this cause!

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