Bead crochet requires stringing on a whole lot of the right order before the work even begins. It requires working with a graph paper scheme to determine the sequence. Bead crochet is also tricky to get started.   So as you can imagine, I am in awe of Lutita's colorful bead crochet jewelry. She is also an accomplished bead embroidery artist.

Lutita says, "I am from Lithuania. It is wonderful, green, little country in Europe."  She shared this beautiful pastoral landscape photo on her Etsy About page.

She adds, "Everything I have learnt about beading has come from devouring every book and magazine on the subject that I could find. I love beads and turn them into beautiful works of art.... This is my LIFE."

You can see that passion for beads! The bright hues and large variety of patterns used in her pieces shows a mastery of the technique as well as a love of color and placement.  Very inspirational!

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