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I Just Bought a Cricut Explore | 50% of Most Wishlisted Craftsy Classes

Those who know me well and have been following my blog for a while realize I love my tools! They make some tasks easier and consistent.  I've been using Sizzix die cutters for a long time (see tutorial links below) but really wanted greater flexibility with my own designs.  I also wanted to cut other materials such as leather, fabric, aluminum, thin wood and shrink plastic with precision and ease.  Laser cutters are still way too expensive. So I hankered after the Cricut Explore, an electronic cutting machine.....

...and finally  bought one. The Cricut Explore Electronic Cutting Machine  is similar to the Silhouette Curio Cutting Tool in function.  The pros and cons of which one comes down to personal needs, preferences, space, cost etc.  If you do a lot of other crafts, one may be worth your while. Quilters, for example, can also use the machine for cutting appliques. It also comes in handy for embossing and glass etching.

Both have user friendly software for easy uploading and manipulation of your own images for cutting. There are also tons of free SVG (scaleable vector graphics) available online to try for crafts and jewelry designs.

The above image is from Amazon. I didn't take my own photo yet because there is no space I have yet to set up a spot for it in my studio!

But what I did was take advantage of this 50% off Craftsy class  Craft and Create with Your Cricut Explore  so I could shortcut my own learning curve.  There were some great tips on how to handle non-paper materials in the last lesson.

craftsy 50% off classes

Here are the jewelry classes (in no particular order) I have covered so far together with my review post links. Many, if not all, are 50% off.


All the product links above are affiliate links. I receive a small compensation for any bought through my blog. This not only supports this site but also helps readers source products of interest.

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  1. Oh You!!! I can't believe - oh wait - yes I can! You and your tools! I'm wondering if we lined them up and counted them which one of us would have the most?! :0)
    I've considered one of these for a couple of years now but I'm still trying to imagine what I'd do with one to justify the cost. I keep my eye on the sales at Michaels - sometimes they have them on sale - often their sales exclude them.
    I've seen a number of teaser videos on what can be done with them like using them to create multiples of something in polymer clay etc.
    I've not seen everything that Craftsy offers for them but I have seen some that Craftcast offers and others and I find them all very intriguing and making the idea of owning one very tempting.
    Now I'm going to wait for even a tiny bit of temptation from something you've created with it and perhaps a small tutorial? Eventually...when you get a grip on using it.
    Jealous me? ummmm.... guess! :0)

    1. It'll take me a while to get round to using it! I am looking forward to playing!


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