There is nothing wrong with bare wire hoop style earrings. But most of us cannot resist decorating them with beads, right? We've got to dress them up!  The first two tutorials show two ways on how to make beaded wire hoop earrings. The first is by Natalia Kroshik over on Beads Magic which is beading right onto the hoop earring findings. This color combination - green with purple with some gold - is one of my favorites because it is so pretty!

The above tutorial starts off with a row of thread wrapping around the metal. The stitching then carries on from there.

But this tutorial for beaded wire hoop earrings by Cheri Carlson over on ArtBeads is similar in that the first and only row is accomplished with wire wrapping.  You can use different types of beads and colors - even different sizes too.

The tutorial for actually making ear hoops of your own is also on ArtBeads.  Remember to use 18G for the lower hoop. The thicker wire - should you choose to flatten it - will look better than a thinner one.  The wire that goes through the ear hole should not be larger than 20G.

This tutorial uses a jig.  Alternatives include a 3 Step Wire Looping Round Nose Pliers  with large barrels up to 2 cm in diameter, or go around the house and find something cylindrical.  Those small stacking screw on plastic pill containers are also great.

Not into either beading or wire work?  Check out this hoop earrings tutorial by Jonelle over on Design Thrift Mag. The chain lengths here have been worked out for you if you use the same size hoop.  It looks really pretty as you can see from the modeled picture.

Tassels are trending!  Jonelle's other tutorial for a tasseled pair of earrings is also worth a look!  The little bit of wire wrapping not only adds a punch of metallic color but also ensures the embroidery floss stays put.  Jonelle used an old pair of hoop earrings but you can certainly make your own!

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