JD Lenzen of Fusion Knots  is one of the most prolific (and generous) instructors on Youtube. His Tying It All Together (TIAT) channel has over 400 instructional video tutorials all devoted to the art of knotting.  JD has be knotting for a couple of decades. He was the first to come up with innovative"fusion" knots which mixes different knots, elements and tying techniques.  The International Guild of Knot Tyers have formally acknowledged his tremendous contribution to the craft.

JD has written 6 instructional books.  I received his latest Leather Corded Fusion Ties for review. This book celebrates the use of thick leather rather than paracord which was used in his previous books.   Leather is a wonderful alternative to paracord as it likely has a broader appeal as a jewelry material. Cutting leather is easier too - no need to seal the ends unlike paracord which unravels easily..

There are 15 projects in all - necklaces, bracelet and pendants.  The book also includes tips on how to expand the basic patterns into more styles by mixing up patterns and by the addition or removal of metal beads. All the bracelets in the book could be extended to become chokers or necklaces.

The bracelets in the book were typically finished with simple loop and knot fastenings. However, these can easily be altered to button and loop clasps.  Sliding knots (fisherman's knot) were used in some of the necklaces such as the design below. Again, designers can choose to use cord ends and regular clasps in those cases if sliding knots don't appeal.

The addition of large holed metal and other beads added  visual interest to his designs.  JD typically used metal beads, a few wooden and glass beads. Using large hole glass beads with metal cores (à la Pandora) in different positions will really add to his designs. Lamp work beads are another possibility if the holes are large enough.

The designs are largely unisex.  It will obviously depend on the leather colors chosen.  JD used what looks like 2 mm leather cords throughout it book.  Another option would include playing around with thinner cords. 

Easy unisex jewelry  to make for sure, with great potential.  The book will suit those who do not like to wear bling!

Take a peek inside his book :

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