When I first laid eyes on Adriana Allen's work, I thought these are the loveliest patinated copper and brass jewelry I have ever seen.  I was wrong. These are the loveliest faux metal polymer clay jewelry I have ever seen. She says, "I always try to push the limits of polymer clay. If there are any, I have not reached them yet." . Her creative skill in using clay and paints is simply awe inspiring!

This Bulgarian artist behind AdrianaAllenllc is now based in Texas. She was the editor-in-chief of an international leading magazine before she chucked her career for love and moved to the US. She needed a new creative outlet.  First she painted murals and then discovered polymer clay. Adriana said,  "I found happiness and peace of mind in kneading the clay, in mixing colors, in giving life to my ideas."  It was her father-in-law who first gave her a pasta/clay machine. She says, "I have not stopped thanking him since."

It's not just her artistic talent which is admirable.  Adriana explains, "Every item I create is a victory over an unforgiving disease that has the nasty habit of crippling and destroying the joints it affects: arthritis. I have suffered from it for almost 30 years."  The crippling juvenile arthritis she developed when young still haunts her to this day.  It threatens to impact the use of her hands. She adds, "Every piece I create reminds me of this fact, but the disease cannot stop me from doing what I love. And if you too like my work then it is worth the while."

This looks so like vintage brass!

This red design reminds me of cinnabar. (See my past post : Cinnabar : Why Fake is Better)

Adrianne is also one of the best image transfer artists I have ever come across.  These are her art deco earrings.

Hat tip to Aims for this find!

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