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How to Make Wire Wrapped Owl Stud Earrings Tutorial

Owls are popular inspirations for jewelry making. But I have never seen an attempt to making wire owls this small! This wire wrapped owl stud earrings video tutorial  (tutorial no longer available) is by I Make Stuff. There is no soldering involved. Just careful sizing especially when forming the owl frame.

I particularly love how the instructor twisted wire loops to form the owl's tufts at the top and its beak. The challenge would be in making two of the same especially the curved eyes.  You might want to consider drawing a sketch to help you manipulate the wire in the same way for both studs.

Hat tip to Aims for this find!

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  1. The link for the owl stud went to a rose wrap ring,what did I do wrong?

    1. The fault is mine entirely, Virginia!! I have corrected the link!

  2. This is adorable. Thanks so much for posting.

  3. I do love owls! I haven't told you just how many stuffed, ceramic, painted, purse owls I have!!

  4. Pearl Blay, the link still says unavailable?
    Do you have another link or video?! I am so excited to make these!!!

    1. Alas, Cassie. The tutorial has been withdrawn and I cannot find another!!


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