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Elegant Beaded Medallion Bracelet Tutorials

There are plenty of beaded medallion bracelets out there. But for sheer elegance, these two tutorials stand out.  I also love the color palette chosen -both are neutral.  Beaded medallions are often richly designed so the simpler approach here will suit those who prefer less ornate styles.  First up is the Grace Kelly bracelet tutorial by Julie Bean over on Beadaholique.

The Festus brick stitch bracelet tutorial by Thai beader, Bee Jang is also a stunner.

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  1. I think all gals need at least one piece of dress-up jewelry for those special occasions.

    I'm wondering if the Grace Kelly could be done with memory wire instead of RAW...hmmm....

    1. That's an excellent idea! Maybe wire in the focal or use beading to secure it?


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