I may have tried tricking readers on April Fool's Day before. But this is not a prank. Thigh gap jewelry? Seriously?  They do exist. Sort of.  The gold plated jewelry is real enough on TGap Jewelry but the collection isn't for sale. The website though, looks just like an actual shopping site. But as soon as you click anywhere on it, the TGap story pops up  and explains it is not a real company at all.

Soo Kyung Bae, the creator behind TGap Jewelry, is a final year industrial design student at the National University of Singapore. Her collection was intended to "spark  debate on unrealistic body image social media portrays." 

 She explained, "The jewelry pieces take the thigh-gap trend to another level, the pieces are created in hopes of sparking questions. If we let the media to keep popularizing such unrealistic body ideal, will this eventually become reality?"

Jewelry and beaded art can be a powerful way of bringing attention to problems and issues both societal and global. See links below.

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