Kharisma Ryantori Sommers is an Indonesian born artisan who now “lives with her husband, Steven in the middle of nowhere (Quincy, IL) with hopes that someday they will be able to move into a bigger city with less snow and preferably with a beach nearby.”  But until that time she continues to make her unique and outstanding jewelry in a colder clime!  She is the amazing metal work artist behind Popnicute Jewelry and her custom jewelry site : Popnicute Hearts.

Creativity is in her genes as her supportive family are also creative in their own fields.  She started off with painting and was a graphic design major at university.  But office work did not suit so she freelanced in graphic design until she stumbled upon wire wrapping back in 2008. No stranger to jewelry making before, wire and metal sheet changed her life.

Kharisma is a now self- confessed metal addict. She puts it succinctly :

“Metal is my passion.
Designing is my soul.”

This talented wire artist and metal smith uses different metals - copper, brass, argentium silver as well as different techniques such as wire work, fusing and fold forming - to accomplish her visions.  Her attention to detail is remarkable - from the stitched wire around her labradorite heart pendant to the unusual folded metal pendant with her tiny stamped maker‘s mark.

It is no surprise to learn photography is her hobby.  She loves taking pictures of flowers and bugs with her macro lens!

Hat tip to Aims for this find!

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