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Broken china jewelry is usually soldered using copper foil tape (stain glass supplies).  Check out the earrings tutorial I reviewed a while ago. But what if you like the look but don't want to use a soldering iron?  There is indeed a way! This easy no solder or faux broken china necklace tutorial is by CuriouserCreations8.

The tape she uses is aluminum foil tape.  She used 1/4 inch aluminum memory foil tape  by Rangers which can be bought via Amazon or from any craft store which stocks it. The tape is self- adhesive.  You can also use it for glass tile jewelry.

A better way to cut up the china is to use wheel glass tile nippers (below) which are used by stained glass artists and tile cutters. This gives greater control for cutting shapes. If you find sanding the edges by hand a bore, use a Dremel tool.

This is a good way to rescue accidentally broken heirloom china so you still have a memento.  But the best source for pretty patterns is your local charity shop!

Hat tip to reader Aims for this find.


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  1. Broken china certainly makes a wonderful and unique looking piece of jewelry.

    This method is so easy to do - especially since a soldering iron isn't used at all. I know from making many soldered foil edges that it isn't easy and can be extremely frustrating - especially for a perfectionist like me. I like how the shiny aluminum foil gives it the finished look that silver solder does without all the hassle.

    I've got a number of pieces of broken china I picked up on a beach in New Zealand that I think I'll use for a project like this. What memories that will bring back when it's done.

    1. Thanks for your input on the soldering technique. Do you grind away the rough edges before foiling?

  2. I hadn't even heard about aluminum adhesive tape before. It looks only only construction stores carry it in my country but I guess it's the same. Will have to try it! Also, I just realized that many jewelry items in the stores must have been framed like that :)


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