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How to Make a Fold Formed Cuff Out of Copper Piping

Fold forming is a metal technique invented by Charles Lewton-Brain. The hammered folds are usually accomplished using sheet metal.  But check out this wonderful fold formed cuff tutorial by Kharisma of Popnicute Jewelry.  She demonstrates how she creates her Moon Crater Cuffs using ordinary copper pipe purchased from the hardware store. Kharisma is a fantastic metal work artist whose work I recently showcased.

This is an intermediate metal work project. Kharisma recommends thin walled copper pipe because the bigger the pipes, the walls get thicker and harder to work on.  A torch is used to anneal (soften) the copper several times during the process.

Her artistry with various hammers is a joy to watch!

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  1. She makes it look so easy - yet it is still a lot of work. But look at the results! Gorgeous!!

    Going to go check my copper tubing supply to see if I have the correct size. Might be a bit of a deviation from my polymer clay playing!

    1. She is very talented and obviously has done this a lot!!


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