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Winners of Yoola Design's Wire ISK Kit and Tutorial Giveaway

Readers far and wide love Yael's wire ISK technique!  Paula wrote when she entered last week's giveaway, "This technique looks amazing, I'll love to be able to try it! I haven't seen it done in my country, Colombia."  It goes to show how international this community is!

Sis5of11 was also enthuasistic!  She said, "I LOVE Yael's kit and technique! My daughter got me a basic kit for Christmas and I've been practicing and am FINALLY starting to get it!"  

Yes, you do have to practice as I found out myself. It's worth the effort to be able to come up with unique designs of your own using the ISK technique.  These bracelets of mine are now in my Etsy store!

Don't forget. There is also a discount code you can use to get $5 off any item in the Yoola Design store. Use Yoola5 . One use per person. Ends May 1, 2016.

So who won? I numbered all the eligible entries and used the random number generator over on to pick the winners.

Grand Prize Winner for the Wire ISK Kit :
Keri LaPensee

Winners of the Tube PDF Tutorial :
Linda (Lali)
Jennifer Clements
Alicia (Arienna)

One of the winners of Stinky Dog Beads' $35 Gift Giveaway did not contact me. So I had to redraw. The new winner is Edy (Edyce Winokur)!!

Congratulations to all!

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  1. thank you, I am so inspired by all the tutorials and blogs.

  2. Thank you again pearl froa wonderful giveaay , you have the BEST readers following your blog :)

    Congratulations to the winners ! & one little correction ... the "Yoola5" coupon code is for 5$ ! not 5% , or in other words 50% on a single PDF of your choice :)
    it will expire at the end of April 2016 ! so make sure to use it before that date .
    it is available only on


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