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Combining techniques is a sure fire way for unique designs.  But Colombian artisan, Claudia Fajardo, a talented artist unusually combines metal work with bead work.  The result is a boldly colored collection with a contemporary look.  Claudia says she likes her designs to showcase geometry and natural shapes.

Claudia uses sterling silver, glass beads, gemstones and 24K gold plated silver. She is a master of metal textures. The hammered, satin, matte finishes are perfect details to counter the colored beads. The prongs on some designs keep hold of her beadwork.

Simply lovely work which is balanced and pleasing to the eye!

Hat tip to reader Aims for this find!

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  1. Claudia's work is so unique! I'm amazed by her designs.

    I particularly like the little silver earrings. The shape reminds me of blueberries!

    1. Her ability to introduce color to her metal designs is what is striking!

  2. really beautiful, I remember seeing similar pieces someplace else but I am unable to put my finger on it. nevertheless beautiful material and colour combinations

  3. I'm so glad to add another artist to my list of beads and Metal inspirations!!! For years, Valerie Hector has been the only person I've looked to for such inspirations. These are lovely. Maybe I should practice my Bead and Metalwork ideas some more. Thanks aims for sharing!


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