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5 Beaded Stud Earrings Tutorials to Try

Some people prefer stud earrings to dangles.  So if you are one of these or making jewelry for someone else, then these 5 beaded stud earrings are worth trying!  Most of them do not use glue to attach the posts.  The one exception is Jean Campbell's design tutorial shown below.  I liked how she began with Czech glass rings.

One gem of a design is Ioana (Luana) of Sparkleyourway is this bezel number using 8 mm cabochons.  It's a clever approach of beading up the back which then encompasses the cabochon in the front.

This beaded "Classic Pearl" stud earrings  tutorial by Gianna Zimmerman of Beading4perfectionists is small and elegant!

This pretty star beaded stud earrings tutorial is by Sara Spoltore of BeadsFriends. What is novel about this design is that 2 stars are created and joined hiding the flat disc part of the stud earrings.

This beautiful design tutorial by Jewela uses 14 mm Swarovski rivolis so this pair is large for stud earrings. However the posts are not centrally located but offset.  So the earrings will sit rather like clip earrings.  The video tutorial is free but you can purchase the PDF over on her store.


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  1. These are all so beautiful! And perfect for those who don't like dangling earrings....

  2. All of 5 beaded stud earrings are very beautiful. I like "Petite flowers" the most.

  3. I think those last earrings by Jewelea have my name on them! Great tutorials, and great post, as usual, Pearl. Congratulations on your eleventh year of blogging. That’s quite an achievement. I think I’ve been following you since 2008 but I’ve rather slacked off making jewelry in the past few years as I’ve been having trouble with my eyesight. Very frustrating. Still, I have quite a few pieces around that I enjoy wearing, and enough beads and components left to stock a small store. Happy New Year from Toronto.

    1. Thanks Moushka for staying with me for the past decade! I hope you will still be able to bead a little. Happy New Year to you too!


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