The circle is an ancient symbol which represents unity and infinity. So it is not surprising Indiana based artisan, Patrice includes this line "A circle is a timeless symbol of love, unity and perfection" in her shop, Fiber2Love.  All her necklace designs use textile circles in different ways.

Patrice explains, "Inspired by the intense colors of nature, flowers and vegetables that surround me, I love to design jewelry that is just as 'lushious' [luscious]. These pieces incorporate many different ribbons and fibers, some of which are hand dyed or are silk remnants." She uses non- latex tubing as the foundation.  Some of her designs incorporate kumihimo cords which team up with her interlocking circles so well.

The meticulously put together designs are beautiful and colorful - the photographs do not do the pieces justice. One customer remarked on the above necklace :  "The picture of this piece does not show how lovely it is. I have received nothing but compliments every time I'm worn it. You can not see the lovely weaving from the rings to the clasp in the picture."

A really inspiring designer who shows how an innovative approach based on just one geometric element works!

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