French beading is a relatively easy bead and wire technique. But it requires stringing on lots and lots of beads onto a wire spool. You can speed up all that bead stringing with a bead spinner. The wrapping of these beads is a breeze because you don't really have to count the number of beads you need.  Just watch this pretty french beaded butterfly hairpin tutorial and see what I mean  - Part 1 and Part 2.

The tutorial is by Fen of Bead Flora Jewels makes gorgeous French beaded bridal bouquets. I wrote about her work before.

This is a lovely largish butterfly which can also be adapted for a brooch or a pendant.  Anyone willing to try this technique with much smaller beads?  It will be daintier if you could.

Also consider using different approaches for the butterfly body and antennae.  I would certainly try using fewer larger beads for the body.  If you are going to alter the antennae, check that any redesign will not snag hair!

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