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Use Your Odd Beads to Make a Garden Chime or Suncatcher

At a loss what to do with your odd beads or maybe some beads you aren't very fond of?  Jazz up your garden or your window with these two decor tips from the folks over on Garden Therapy. The basic idea is similar but little bells have to be added at the bottom if you want it to be a garden chime.  The first tutorial for the garden chime is by Rachel Beyer.  You can either hang it from a tree branch or on a tall garden stake.

The second suncatcher tutorial by Debbie Wolfe is more of a window mobile - like a beaded curtain. It can be hung outside or inside.  Notice that the beads are spaced out with crimp beads which gives the mobile a more airy look. Consider choosing transparent beads which will look very pretty with the light coming through!

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  1. I like the idea of taking what we do and decorating inside and out with it as well as ourselves...

    1. Me too! I will make those decorative garden stakes once I can find the galvanized steel wire somewhere in my workshop!!

  2. A great project for leftover beads, especially acrylic ones :) I've been also thinking about sea glass - I have some pieces that are not good for jewelry but will look pretty in a suncatcher!

    1. Me too! I have some acrylic beads which I bought for children's projects. Sea glass would be awesome too!


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