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Paper Cut Jewelry by Sarah Trumbauer

Sarah Trumbauer wields her X-acto knife with precision and artistry combined!  Her paper cut art is delicate and other worldly.  She says, "Removing so much of the paper surface leaves me with a lace-like miniature world that always renews my awe of this art form."  It's a remarkable skill to slowly and patiently transform just a sheet of paper into a piece of art.

Sarah divides her time between Pennsylvania and Maryland.  She explains her creative mother is Pennsylvania Dutch; "So I learned the tradition of scherenschnitte (German for literally "scissor cuts" ) early in life. After concentrating in drawing and photography in college and wanting to experiment with new mediums, I turned back to paper cutting and found that it opened so many creative doors for me.

Sarah creates much larger paper cut art which are used to adorn many things such as postcards and even mugs.  She certainly rises to the challenge of smaller paper cuts as shown in her glass encased paper cut jewelry.  She also uses small prints of her larger work in some of her jewelry.

Her inspirations come from a variety of sources - nature, children's stories, botanical illustrations and so on.

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  1. Beautiful, This work is very similar to an Indian brand called "Paper cut" by Parth Kothekar. Do check it out sometime

  2. All I can say is WOW WOW WOW!!!

  3. OMG - that is stunning work!! I'm with Carol.....

    Checking out her store and the prices are just too reasonable!!

    What an incredible find Pearl!! Thank you for sharing!!!!!!!

  4. I wonder what kind of paper she is using. I assume acid free, but is it more like card stock or what? I would have to buy a stamp cut machine, I only wish I was that talented and had the patience.

    1. She is indeed very talented and patient! Sarah does mention what kind of paper she uses. One item I looked at involved Arches MBM Ingres paper.


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