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Colorful Wood Burned Earrings Tutorial

I've often walked by the wood burning tool section in Michaels and wondered if this craft can be used for jewelry making.  Of course it can!  Aki over on Minted Strawberry shared her clever coloring book inspired wood burned earrings tutorial (no longer available).  She has certainly noticed the adult coloring book craze!

Aki uses her Silhouette Curio machine to trace out her design on the wooden discs. But you can also do the same manually with tracing paper.

Remember how to transfer images using tracing paper? Either trace a design or better still draw your own design on some tracing paper.  On the reverse side, use a pencil to shade over the lines.  When you retrace the design onto the wooden discs, the lines will be transferred.

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  1. Aren't these just so cute!
    Not having a Silhouette (still can't justify the cost) I think using TAP paper would really do the trick. Then again - free hand drawing would also be neat....
    Using the wood burning tool is a brilliant idea! Now I'm wondering if something like Prismacolour Pencils would do for colouring - I can't see why not.

    1. TAP paper is a good idea! Especially if free hand drawing is not possible.

      I think any color pigment the wood can take will work. I would seal the items with varnish after.


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