There are a number of you who are intrigued with beadwork but have yet come over to the "dark side" as this glass artisan quipped in this humor post about Fantasy Bead Studs. So this one is for you.  An easy peasy pearl and seed bead necklace tutorial just for beading newbies.  The pretty  tutorial is by Megan over on her jewelry making blog.

It is actually a beading diagram and the necklace or bracelet is made up using twin needles.  Very fast indeed.  You can use other beads besides pearls.

The quick way to load a number of seed beads onto your needle is just to "stab" and whisk up your needle and Fireline or Nymo into a small container full of those little suckers. So you are not really having to squint to try and individually pierce into the hole of each seed bead.

If my soon to be 84 year old mother can still bead at her age, so can you!

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