If you've never done french beaded flowers before, you'll love this easy bobby pin tutorial.   The video shows how you can easily wire a simple flower with a pearl center and wire it to the end of a bobby pin. It is so easy, you can whip up a few in next to no time. Perfect for the little girl(s) in your life!

The tutorial is by Fen of Bead Flora Jewels makes gorgeous French beaded bridal bouquets. I wrote about her work before.

Stringing the beads onto the wire is quicker if you use a bead spinner. Just put a kink on the wire before you start as shown in Fen's bead spinner tutorial.

If you wish to make bi-colored flowers or make them bigger for adults, then check out her other flower tutorial. This tutorial can be adapted for brooches, pendants or used in craft projects.

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