Knowing that heat can color copper in glorious ways is one thing.  But to paint with it? That kind of blows my mind. So thanks to friend and reader Aims who spotted this amazing flame painted copper art video everyone's minds can be blown too. The Copper Colorists shown here are Skip and Racheal Mathews, metal smiths based in Arkansas. They are both masters at this unique art form.  They also teach the craft.

 Hummingbird by the Copper Colorists

In the video, Skip explains the art is really that.  He said, "When I teach this, I tell people that we are not trying to shoot for a specific color - that is pretty close to insanity - but we are trying to create contrast and composition."

Check out the next video where another copper colorist, Geoge Goehl explains how metal preparation affects the color.  He also talks about the different parts of the flame and their relative temperatures and how to use it on the copper.

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