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Natural Flower and Swarovski Smartphone Cases by House of Blings

California based Melody of the House of Blings enjoys making things pretty.  Especially smartphone cases!  She has been adding her own touch to these for years in one of 2 ways. She uses pressed flowers in all sorts of clear smartphone cases - Apple, Samsung and Sony. These are colorful and unique in their compositions.

She sometimes fills the whole case with blooms. In others, she reserved a more delicate touch like this pink flowered case below. Also noteworthy are the cases where she added a thin wooden frame.

Melody also blings out cases with real Swarovski crystals.  Some of the cases are completely filled with small flatback crystals!  She also does a line of custom Swarovski stickers featuring the Apple logo or for the home button.   Serious bling indeed!

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  1. I remember seeing the flower case in the FB resin forum and thinking how exquisite it is

  2. Wouldn't these always put a smile on your face when you picked them up! Talk about instant happiness!

  3. Beautiful! And the natural flowers make a big difference!


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