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Winner of Jeweler's Enameling Workshop Book Giveaway

Hats off to the readers who are already exploring the enameling technique!  Last week's book giveaway certainly intrigued some beginners.  While others were more experienced not just with enameling but with the instructor.

 Tinybeads said, "I have Pauline Warg's vids on enameling thru Interweave. I hadn't bought this book because I had thought it might cover the same info. Your review makes me realize that this book covers MUCH more than the Interweave vids. Pauline's explanations are clear and thorough. Her teaching techniques are superb. This book will be worth its weight in gold for learning or improving enameling techniques." It is indeed a book full of important and useful information!

So who won?  I numbered all the entries and got the random number generator over on to do the picking.  The lucky winner is Deborah Swanson!  Congratulations!
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  1. I ordered this for my Kindle, but I love to have a hard copy. It is a very informative book

  2. Pearl - just finished my second "run-through" of this TERRIFIC book - my giveaway win. It's a great prize and offered me several new enameling ideas, as well as some possible reasons/fixes of my existing problem pieces.

    Thanks to you and the publisher for your generosity!

  3. So pleased you found the book so useful! Have fun creating!


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