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Cup Chain Crystal and Resin Clay Wire Framed Pendant Tutorial

I was planning to do a resin clay wire framed pendant tutorial but Becky Nunn of Nunn Design beat me to it!  She demonstrated how to do this design in this Beadaholique tutorial  using one of her open pendant frames. I liked how she hammered round wire flat and cut the length into little pieces for the stalks.  The flowers were just crystals from cup chain, again cut apart.  Easy peasy!

Working with resin clay is sticky business as this 2 part epoxy also has adhesive properties.  You can see Becky having some issues with it.  I suggest you use a smidgeon of olive oil or Burt's Bees Hand salve on your fingers when handling this stuff.  Work on kitchen wax paper.

Otherwise resin clay is great to work with.  No bubbles! It hardens pretty fast too - in a few hours. It cures without having to use any ovens unlike polymer clay.

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  1. Becky Nunn sure has wonderful ideas!

    Still haven't tried resin clay but having to bake polymer clay isn't that bad once you work out the tricks to it! ;0)

    1. True! Resin clay doesn't feel like polymer clay to work with - it is sticky which might annoy some!

  2. Could you tell me where I can buy some of this resin clay please Pearl? My searches for it seem to only give results with the standard polymer clay...

    1. Have you checked jewelry suppliers? Many carry 2 part epoxy resin clay. Failing that, you can try art shops ( where I got mine) or even woodworking suppliers. Also check Amazon. Good luck!!


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