Hydraulic presses are rather like kilns in my view.  They are more expensive tools for jewelry makers. But if you want to take your designing to the next level, these are worth considering as investments to your craft.   A few of you who are into metal work definitely saw the benefits and said so in last week's giveaway for Melissa Muir's fabulous class. One reader, "SimplyCrazyStill" said, "Manipulating Metal is one of my favorite processes. Using a hydraulic press would make the process so much easier. I would love to learn more!"

The other concern was cost.  Beads App asked, "Does it come with everything you need to make all the designs.and how much is it?"  It depends on the tonnage. Melissa recommends a 20 ton.  You could get away with a 10 ton if you are just going for cutting out shapes with the pancake dies. Dies are definitely additional to the cost of a press.  The cost runs from hundreds to thousands.

Melissa's class, Make the Most of Your Hydraulic Press is worth taking to understand what using one will entail and whether it is beneficial for you to consider getting one.

Well, only one winner is possible!  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on random.org to pick the winner.  And the lucky winner is Aims.  Congratulations !

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