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Landscape Inspired Polymer Clay Beads and Jewelry by StudioStJames

Morro Rock, Morro Bay, California - Custom Design

Landscapes have always inspired artists.  But miniature landscapes are definitely more challenging.  Artist Jo Anne St James of StudioStJames manages to capture those on her polymer clay beads and pendants.  Wonderful seascapes, desertscapes and shore scenes are her favorite artistic expressions.

Just like many artisans, Jo Anne's creative path meandered through different media before arriving at her polymer clay passion. She explained, "Art has been my life's focus and a necessary outlet for my creativity. From interior design to oil and acrylic painting, sculptures, paper crafts and clay, I have done it all. Moving into jewelry design was simply another step into what I like to call my “artistic evolution.”

Her one of a kind designs are created with the layering and blending of many clay colors before she arrives at her desired compositions.  She sometimes uses actual landscape photos or pictures as inspiration.  The results are simply divine works of art!

Jo Anne in her studio
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  1. I'm absolutely stunned by the beauty of Jo Anne's work!

    Visiting her Etsy shop I read her comments on how she works and smiled when she said that even mistakes are valuable!

    As you know Pearl - I believe that a theme in one's work is the way to go and Jo Anne certainly covers that. Her scenes are simply gorgeous and incorporating part of the environment into it - Brilliant!!

    I love how she uses the pieces as her canvas!

  2. Blows my mind that that is all done in Clay. When I first looked at them I thought the background was clay and then the details were painted on, which would be hard enough but then I realized it was all clay...WOW! Takes breathtaking artwork to a whole new level.


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