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Asymmetrical Polymer Clay Necklaces by Bellou

Polymer clay artists make some incredible pieces of art.  The French designer behind Bellou excels at asymmetrical polymer clay necklaces.   Each piece is one of a kind. Her imagination knows no bounds.  She uses different approaches including textures, mica shift and even a combination of mica shift and crackled techniques which she called "micacrak" over on her blog.

Her bold use of color and shapes is awe inspiring.  I also loved the way she integrated the button fastening to the front of some of her designs. Did you notice her wonderful mannequin too?  

She shares her latest creations on her Facebook.

H/T to Aims for this find

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  1. WOW! This artist is amazing! Who would have thought polymer clay pieces could be so creative and beautiful? I am SO impressed!
    Thank you for bring this to us.

  2. I love asymmetry and these pieces truly impressed me. I like the colors, little details and the "construction" solutions. And, yes, the mannequin looks like it was specially designed :)

  3. Polymer clay is all too often looked over because it's 'polymer' or 'plastic'. However - in the hands of a good artist - art appears!

    I've had a good look around Bellou's shop and her blog. She is definitely not afraid to try new ideas and then comes up with stunning pieces. I especially like the findings she uses to accentuate her pieces.

    I note that her pieces sell for around $80 - $90 each. Not bad for a piece of 'plastic' huh?!

  4. Un grand merci pour cette mise à l'honneur ! Bon baisers de France, Bellou

  5. Every time I come back to look at Bellou's work I still say the first pic is my favourite. Even after looking at all she has to offer in her shop....this one stands out for me. Part of it is that I love that colour and what she's done with the findings and trim is absolutely superb.

    Beautiful creation Bellou!

  6. Talk about incredibly artistry! Thanks for bringing this artist to our attention.


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