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Winner of FeelingsofLove's $40 Metal Stamped Jewelry Giveaway

Last week's giveaway for FeelingsofLove's  metal stamped jewelry brought out the admiration in many readers.  Not just for Karen's outstanding stamping and designs but her inspiring story of overcoming adversity.

"You are My Sunshine"

Lori Mahan said, "I "dabble" in stamping, but I am never as straight or creative as she is. She has an inspiring story and something good came out of hard time. We should all be so blessed. The saying of "God game me you" is what I have been saying to my husband for 26 years and it's our little saying and I would love to be able to win the certificate to get it."

Lori also made me smile when she signed off with "fan, follower, subscriber, (possible stalker- haha)."

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries. Then I got the random number generator over on to pick the winning number which happened to be assigned to Lori!!  Congratulations! You got your wish!
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  1. Yea!!! I finally won- so excited and can't wait to get y awesome necklace. Thank you Pearl.

    1. Yes, finally!! Did you get my email, Lori? I have forwarded your email to Karen. She is away this week and may not respond promptly.

    2. I haven't received any email yet.


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