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Beautiful Soutache Earrings Tutorial

I've covered soutache jewelry before.  I suggest you try making earrings if you want to get into this technique.  This easy video tutorial by Troom Troom should give you a good taste of soutache jewelry making.  Those of you who love bead embroidery will love doing this.

You can also just make a soutache pendant rather than the pair of earrings. This is best if you are using a real gemstone cabochon.

I think using heavy gemstones for the earrings will be too much.  I would use resin or polymer clay cabochons for the lightness.  If you make polymer clay jewelry, this will be an awesome combination technique to try!!

If you do go on to like soutache jewelry making, consider getting some books for more elaborate ideas.

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  1. Funny your should post this today. I just got asked if I would consider doing any Soutache jewelry!

    It's a technique that's really been around for a long time isn't it? I think the results are gorgeous no matter what you use it with. The colours available make the only restriction in what you create your own imagination.

    Even if they were heavy earrings - wouldn't you feel special wearing them for as long as you could tolerate the weight! They certainly are gorgeous. I can imagine them in all different colours...

    1. It has been around for about 30 years! Yes, the possibilities are endless.

  2. Oh, yes , I think they are lovely !!!!!!


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