Recycling glass bottles sounds like a good idea, right?  Even better if they are wine bottles as you "have" to drink the contents first!  Johnnie Collier of Saved by Love Creations has a couple of neat tutorials which works for glass bottles, not just wine ones.. First she shows how she uses a commercial bottle cutter to score the bottle so she can easily break off rings. The rings then have to be full fused in a kiln so they look fire polished and smooth.  Here is some information on firing schedules. You can also use a microwave kiln (follow instructions).

She also cuts up the rings into smaller pieces and embellishes them in this recycled wine bottle bracelet tutorial.  The pieces also have to be full fused in a kiln.

Needless to say, do be careful working with cut glass.  Wear protective eye wear, work gloves and proper shoes.

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