It's been 20 years since polymer clay artist, Judith Skinner, created her way of blending polymer clay colors and lent her name to the technique. So we should celebrate this milestone!  It is such an important innovation used by polymer clay artists everywhere to get graduated blends.

There are a number of skinner blend tutorials out there.  But I liked Cindy Lietz's  (a.k.a the Polymer Clay Tutor) tutorial because she also shows how graduated blends used to be done. Judith's method -is far easier!

If you'd like to see schematic diagrams of what to do when blending, do hop over to Desired Creations' excellent page on basic Skinner blends. She explains the aligned and offset methods very well through her diagrams. Desiree also covers multiple color skinner blends here.

Cindy has gone on to develop her Lietz Teardrop Blend technique which makes several multi colored (rainbow) blends much easier to do. Cutting up those triangles and fitting them is no longer necessary!  I particularly like the rolling up tip!

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