Ah, those wretched thread ends!  Having to deal with the thread ends after finishing a loom beaded project can be frustrating.  Especially if there is a lot of them.  Some people use this easy and quick way to sandwich the thread ends in narrow ribbon strips on either end of the work. This ribbon part is then hidden under ribbon clamps.  But this won't work if you want to make a brooch, adorn a hair clip or even embed in garments, bags and so on.

This Miyuki beginner tutorial shows how you can carefully pull tight the warp threads against the work. This requires that you do not cut the threads after loom beading but to keep the thread loops.

The instructor also shows how you can sew the bead work onto sew on clasps.

The tutorial is in Japanese. However, you don't need to know the language as the video tutorial is very clear.

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