Some of the prettiest flower handmade jewelry are often made from polymer clay.  Here are some wonderful tutorials by Irina Ivanitskaya.  Note : all the tutorials are in Russian with some instructions in English. Otherwise the videos are self-explanatory. I've chosen just my favorites from her Youtube channel.   First up are her amazing rose ball earrings! She is not just skilled but very consistent in making the same size flowers.

She has another stunning tutorial with the flowers grouped in a-grape like cluster.

Next  is her meticulously made cornflower earrings tutorial. Another name for this flower - the one I use - is Batchelor's Button. A really easy to grow perennial I might add!

She made all the little "trumpets" separately - both the inner and outer ones which were then fixed onto a polymer clay base. She even added little stamens complete with white dots!  Here is a picture of a real cornflower for comparison :

Who doesn't like orchids?  This is a wonderful tutorial!!  Irina even added a realistic texture to the petals.

I also admired how well she captured the peonie with her earrings tutorial.

You can see more detail in her polymer clay peonie ring tutorial.

Irina considers her bell flower (bluebell) ring an easy one to make!

Her rose hair pin design is spectacular!

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