A little while ago, I featured new age styled pinecone jewelry.  Croatian nature lovers, Vanja and Morana, make beautiful pinecone jewelry with a contemporary style.  Their design aesthetics is evident in their Hidden Garden Shop.  The pinecones they collect on their forest walks are transformed into revealing pieces.

Their resin jewelry making approach is also different in a couple of ways. The pinecones are embedded in a resin block which is then cut and sanded by hand. The final touch is polishing with a mixture of beeswax and olive oil.  Their method thus exposes the pinecone interiors in beautiful ways.

The type of resin they use is also different, They explained, "The BIORESIN we use is made by employing green chemistry techniques that require less energy and produce less harmful byproducts and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions from production of the resins by 50% over conventional petroleum based epoxies."  These are gorgeous "wearable slices of nature" indeed!

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