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How to Use Toilet Paper to Make Hollow Polymer Clay Jewelry

Sandrartes, a Portuguese polymer clay artist has a couple of clever tutorials. She shows how toilet paper can be used to make hollow polymer clay jewelry.  The polymer clay is wrapped around a toilet paper form.  After baking, the toilet paper is easily removed by immersing the piece in water.

Her polymer clay bangle tutorial starts with the wrapping of strips of toilet paper over a simple wire form.  I love how she edged the petals with extruded clay!

The hollow heart pendant is created by wadding toilet paper into the appropriate shape.  I wonder if a little string could be used to get the shape right.  The final finish with metal foil is wonderful.

Naturally I am now wondering if we can use toilet paper forms to make hollow wire forms. Wire workers might remember the clever sugar cube trick created by Lisa van Herik which does the same thing as toilet paper!

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  1. Thanks for posting this Pearl! I also have a polymer clay jewellery shop and this woman has been an inspiration for some of my pieces! Looks like it's time to buy some more toilet paper lol!

  2. After watching both videos I'm eager to get into my studio and roll out the toilet paper - always have lots of that - and some polymer clay and make some hollow stuff! Yowza!

    In the hollow bangle tutorial she uses ceramic slip. Most people don't have that as they aren't potters and buying a block of clay to make slip is very expensive. I note that some people have suggested play doh which is probably less expensive than the other suggestion of cork clay. Play doh is also very easy to find and can dissolve in water. Some also suggested aluminum foil - a bit harder to get out I would think but still doable.

    I also prefer to bake my polymer clay for an hour for extra durability and strength. As long as you either immerse it in cornstarch or tent it you shouldn't have any problems with the longer bake. And of course - the toilet paper will NOT burn up!

    In the heart tutorial - oh my! - I had to search for the Fimo Size. I had never heard of it but it certainly makes the job of applying metal leaf much easier obviously. (I'm wondering if liquid polymer clay would do the same thing - something to try.) When I did have a look at it I noted that they strongly suggested varnishing the piece after applying the leaf to keep it protected. I think I would patina it first - then protect it with whatever coating I wanted - even a Krylon spray in either shiny or matte would do the trick.

    They are both beautiful pieces.

    Again - some people's creativity just blows me away!

    1. Learned something new today - I didn't know Play Dough could dissolve in water! I agree that aluminium foil would be a pain to remove.

      Thanks so much for your tips!


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