Ann Kuglak, a Colorado polymer clay artist, says, "I have no formal art training, but rely on native talent to bring my vision alive."  She has an abundance of innate talent as you can see from her Etsy store, Mystic Dreamer Art. Her vibrant work - both wall art as well as jewelry and accessories shows off her eye for pattern and color.

What is more, 100% of her earnings goes towards saving the rainforest. Every dollar saves 2.5 acres. Ann has saved 238, 408 acres the last time I looked.  This sum continues to grow. She supports the Rainforest Trust organization.  This organization in turn uses 100% of donations directly for vital conservation action. Nearly 14 million acres collectively have been saved so far. I calculated that  Ann alone contributed nearly 2% of this total.

The bad news is we are losing 1.5 acres of rainforest, every second.  At this rate, the rainforests could be gone in 40 years.

Why should we care about tropical rainforests faraway?  We should for many reasons. The Amazon rainforest alone accounts for 20% of the world's oxygen. It is called the Lungs of the Planet for good reason.

Rainforests are one of the most biologically diverse ecosystems out there.  More than half of all plants, animal and insects live in the rainforests. "Currently 25% of Western pharmaceuticals are derived from rainforest materials, but only 1% of these materials have been tested".  Also "Of the 3000 plants identified by the US National Cancer Institute as active against cancer cells, 70% come from rainforests."

Who knows what new medicine or antibiotics can be found there that could help us in the future? If these lands go, those potentially valuable drugs will be gone forever. Cutting and burning down these forests for short term gain - timber, mining etc - is disastrous for our collective future.

The protection of habitat also means we will not lose endangered species such as the orangutan.

No wonder Ann's creations feature so many animals!

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