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Colorful Macrame Jewelry by Marta Jewelry

Macrame jewelry is often thought of as something youngsters make as friendship bracelets.  However, micromacrame jewelry making can be much more than simple knotting.  Artists like Marta of Marta Jewelry,  take the technique and combine it  with beads to make much larger and stunning one of a kind pieces.

This Kyiv, Ukraine based artisan makes bold and colorful Bohemian macrame jewelry in all sorts of styles and patterns.  The beads are so well integrated in her designs that one could easily, at first glance, mistake her work for beadwork. She uses the beads not just as design focals but to also add open spaces.

A lifelong creative soul, Marta explained, "I have been doing a variety of crafts since childhood. First I sewed and drew. I couldn't live without watercolors. But time has passed... And I have found new passion - making jewelry!"  She dreams of the day when she can make this her full time job.  May her dreams come true!

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  1. Wow!! That's a lot of knot tying!

    She does incredible work. I had to really look closely at that first piece to see that it was macrame. Now that's good!!

    At the last Art Sale I attended there was a woman with a booth and she sold macrame jewelry. She had a steady stream of people coming out of her booth with bags in their hands. So it's a good selling item. I believe that's because it's so different....

  2. Hello Pearl!
    Thank you very much! I love it!

  3. Являюсь счастливым обладателем, самая качественная работа, которую я видела в этой технике! Дальнейших творческих высот автору :)

  4. Beautiful work but I a so disappointed because I thought we were going to learn how to create something like that.

    1. Check out my blog for past posts on macrame work. There are lots of tutorials to get you going. Alternatively, go to the leather and cord section of

  5. Beautiful designs.. It is magical to transform a simple thread into something solid and beautiful..

    1. It is magical! It is not what you use, but how you use it that counts. This artist has a fantastic way with color and design.


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