How lovely to find out from last week's giveaway of Beading Buds' Birthday Party Kits, that so many of you had granddaughters, nieces, little girls  or know of girls' clubs who could have so much fun with these. Riley said it best, "My little girl and her besties would have so much fun with this! It's fun and entertaining, crafty and they have a memory to keep!"  The children will not only enjoy the craft but they will learn the value of making something themselves. A good lesson in a world where we outsource so much of what we need.

It's not just about little girls either.  Derin pointed out that "a group of seniors in an assisted living home" will enjoy these kits too.

So who won?  I numbered all the eligible entries and got the random number generator over on to pick the winner. And that winner is Sarah Oswald! (Her niece is going to be delighted!) Congratulations!

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