I am always so grateful that I took a chance and bought the Modahaus Photo Light Studio years ago when they  first came out with the smallest one. That model the TS216 has been discontinued. The company has since created larger light studios.  All are still portable and easy to store. These are excellent for all kinds of product photography. The polymer material works well as backgrounds and as light diffusers.

Modahaus has come up with another product, the Rostrum Camera Stand. I received one for review. Rostrum cameras are used in the animation and movie industry. They are typically complicated pieces of equipment. So Modahaus' Rostrum Camera Stand is ingenious because it lets you use your own camera and smartphones. It still maintains their notable folding and easy storage capabilities.  Watch the video and see all the different applications.

Without a doubt the photographable area below the stand easily expands especially if the stand is mounted higher.  I particularly like how even fashion garments can be captured.  Food bloggers and videographers will find this stand useful.

Photo courtesy of Modahaus

As would artists and crafters alike. It is suitable for who needs to photograph a montage.

Photo courtesy of Modahaus

Jewelry designers can introduce fun props for their product photographs.

Photo courtesy of Modahaus
It is best mounted on a wall.  A strong support is needed if it is used with heavier cameras such as the dSLRs.  The distance to the object can be adjusted either by raising/lowering the object itself or having different wall mount levels.

Photo courtesy of Modahaus
I mounted the rostrum stand on my window using just a suction hook.  The latter is sufficient to support smartphones like mine.

I just laid the white polymer sheets from my TS320 flat as the background. So this group overhead shot of three of my latest real flower resin jewelry pendants was a breeze to take.

I had previously photographed the screen printed resin bib necklace I made (see tutorial) using a combination of one of the Steady Stands and the TS320.  This one was tricky to photograph - the neutral color and resin material are challenging enough. Doubly so on white backgrounds.  (Note : if you are having trouble with your photography, use colored backgrounds - they are easier!)

Nothing wrong with that.  But in the uncropped photo, the support legs of the Steady Stand is visible. So cropping is necessary. This may or may not affect the orientation possibilities of the photo. What if you wanted more background on the sides?

There was no problem the rostrum camera stand as it had no legs! Note - I retook the photograph without the black polymer sheet behind the white.

In the above photograph, I noticed the band of wood (from my window frame) showing through. So I added some pieces of cardstock as shown below.

So doing that got rid of that band.

Using the Rostrum Camera Stand with the light coming from the back is tricky as you can see from the above photos of the black and clear bib necklace.  The light is better coming in from the side(s) as shown in the Modahaus photos at the beginning of this post.  So I will have to figure out how to mount the stand NOT on my window. Perhaps on the wire shelf to the right of my table (not seen).

Jewelry makers who produce still or video tutorials will love the Rostrum Camera Stand. Just one thing to note.  It's best used with a shallow desk otherwise you'll have to lean or reach forward.  My table happens to have folding leaves so I could make the table smaller.

I could also lower the suction hook so I could sit at the table rather than stand. Some testing will be required to find the optional position.

The Rostrum Camera Stand is great for overhead photography and videography.  It can capture a much larger area than if you use the steady stands.  If you do not have a Tabletop Studio, then I recommend you get the TS320 or TS400 first and consider the Steady Stand or the Rostrum Camera Stand as a bundle or in the future.

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