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Recycled Bottle Cap Owl Pendant Tutorial

There is something enchanting about owls besides their association with wisdom and knowledge. Those big eyes, beaks and fluffy shapes are adorable.  So it is not surprising to see owls used in jewelry making.  This fun recycled bottle cap owl pendant tutorial is by Mohaiminah Faiz over on Instructables.

The designer used recycled materials. You can buy never used before bottle caps which are used for image style jewelry making. And naturally whatever you can find in your beading supplies and button box!

Here is a challenge for you.  Can you come up with other animal designs based on bottle caps?

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  1. Of course you knew that I'd find these cute! I do love anything owl....

    If I was to use bottle caps in my creations I'd have a look at the overall outline of them and then have a look around.

    What came to mind immediately for me are the following -

    Any bird
    Puffer fish!

    The outline of the cap is what made me think of these. If I thought a bit more I'd probably be able to come up with a few more. :0)

  2. And - how about a lion's face?!!

    1. Glad to see this post sparked all those creative ideas! Run with it!


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