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My Secret Wood's Out of this World Resin and Wood Rings

Some of you may have already seen the amazing resin rings made by a Vancouver artistic team, called My Secret Wood. Their work went viral earlier this year. I was unable to feature their work then as they were inundated with all the publicity as you can well imagine!

Their one of a kind wood and resin rings are like miniature worlds, surreal gardens - perhaps even some distant galaxy in some cases. Out of this world, indeed!

These are exquisitely created with tropical woods such as wenge and red balau. While wood working skills are necessary, it is their virtuosity with resin inclusions and color which astounds. Tiny bubbles, usually the bane of resin jewelry makers, are very much part of their designs. Some of their one of a kind pieces are also glow in the dark!

Their rings have fascinated many. One intrepid DIY woodworker, Peter Brown, (not associated with them) made a simple version. Watch his video to see the approximate process. It wasn't easy to break the wood to create the jagged edges! His attempt really makes you appreciate the talent behind Secret Wood.

Secret Wood told me, "We actually think it's super cool that people want to recreate our rings. We even sent 3 rings to an Art High School in Arizona for the kids to see, so they could try to create wood/resin rings themselves."

Check out their Facebook page for more of their rings.


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  1. These rings are such memorable, treasurable mini works of art. Hats off to their creator

  2. I first viewed this on my mobile but had to wait until I got to my desktop so I could really see their rings.

    They are truly stunning! How dreamy they are to look into. I would wear one for sure!


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