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Soumak Wire Weaving Jewelry Tutorials

You may have seen the soumak wire weaving before but may not know there is a name for that technique. Soumak is actually an ancient tapestry method used in rug and bag making.  In wire work, thicker wire is similar to the warp and thinner wire, as wefts, is used to wrap around the warps. Check out Christine of CSL Designs' basic soumak wire weaving tutorial.

As you can see, the wire weaving path is such that the weaving is like a series of Ws.  Christine adds each warp wire as she begins the wrapping. You could also use painter's tape and group the warp wires with the right spacing before you begin.

Also see this Wyatt White tutorial where he shows how to make a wire wrapped soumak stone setting with prongs. Brilliant idea to use a clear stone so you can see and appreciate the weave!

I also like this modified soumak wire woven bangle tutorial designed by Pat over on Artbeads. Here the weaving is condensed so you do not see the Ws.

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  1. Gorgeous work!

    I can hear the cries of anguish from my studio now. Just don't have that kind of patience....

    1. Hope you will try again as wire work is a useful cold connection technique.

  2. I have been a faithful follower of CSLDesigns for some time now. I wish I had 1/10th the talent this gal has in her little finger. It's great to see you showcase her!

    1. She is indeed an wonderful inspiration for all of us!

  3. I am a beginner in wire working.
    Its good to know the name of the weave. I had no idea.Goes on to show how much i have yet to learn..

    1. Keep learning, Sridevi! We all had to start somewhere!


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