I wrote about this easy marbled polymer clay pendant tutorial before.  At the end, I said that the same thing can be done with epoxy resin clay.  I haven't actually tried it yet but someone else has! Peter Brown, a wood worker, showed how he created his. The resin clay brand he used is Milliput which is popular for miniature sculpturing and modelling. You can certainly use other brands.

Resin clay is sticky stuff.  So I would recommend using a bit of olive oil or Burt's Bees Hand Salve to combat the stickiness.  An alternative to the wax paper as a protective surface is the silicon mat used by bakers.

If you check the marble polymer clay tutorial linked above, 3 colors of polymer clay rolls were mixed together.  Peter's method is different as you can see.

Resin clay cures to a rock hard consistency so the instructor was able to use his woodworking tools to cut out his ring.  Now I want to learn how to use a lathe!

I wonder how hardy polymer clay rings are compared to resin clay ones.

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