I find it very hard to believe how much money people can spend on a wedding, let alone a wedding cake. This jaw-dropping video from the Food Network shows a couple of seriously over the top blinged out wedding cakes. As if Swarovski crystals are not enough on any wedding dress!

The most expensive of these featured cakes was 14 tiers (8 1/2 feet tall) with a 5 feet diameter base and weighed a total of 820 lbs! It is for 10,000 servings!!

28 lbs of Swarovski crystals were used on the frosting! That translates to a staggering 320,000 Swarovski crystals. Crystal mesh and even necklace strands were used. The cake team had to device a way of supporting the combined weight of the crystals not just the cake itself. I wonder if the guests get to keep the crystals from their slices?

 Watch from 20.14 mins if you do not have much time.  I also loved the glow in the dark cake!

Bronwen Weber of Frosted Art Bakery and Studio, the designer, explained "Dallas is everything big. I mean, if it is not big, then go somewhere else, because it needs to be big to belong in Dallas."    No kidding.

If you skip over to 36.56 minutes, you will see the blinged out 7 ft high upside down chandelier cake! 15 lbs of rhinestones were used on this 120 lb cake. Royal icing was used to "glue" the crystal brooches to the cake. It descends down from the ceiling via a wench to the dance floor!  Designed by Kimberley Bailey of the Butterend Cakery in Santa Monica, California.

Below is the version they did for Neiman Marcus Beverly Hills.

H/T to Aims for this find.

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